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Smashable Christmas Lights

Post by Prosk8er » Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:03 pm

Modification Name: Smashable Christmas Lights
Author: bprsk8r4272

Modification Description: Puts a string of smashable christmas lights above the header. When you hover over the light with your mouse they smash.
Thanks to RMcGirr83 it now works with mchat.

Modification Version: 1.0.0RC2
Works With: 3.0.14 (should work fine on older versions also)


Modification Download:
(502.23 KiB) Downloaded 536 times

MOD Format:

Feature List:
on/off in acp 100% done(in package)
on/off in ucp 100% done(in package)

If you have problems clicking links in an area under the lightbulbs, you have to open lights/christmaslights.css and find the class #lights { and change height:96px; to a value that is appropriate, some browsers this div object overlays the normal site and so you cannot click anything. It's set by default to 96px so it doesn't get in conflict with any site object.
don't set it too tiny, otherwise the exploding fragments will disappear too early and won't look so nice.

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